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  • 合格产品
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  1. The availability of a cyanide-free cadmium plating bath with acceptable product quality has been suggested as an answer to simplified treatment needs .
  2. Mark of acceptable product
  3. From to enter factory examine , every link in production , until the fact that acceptable product dispatch from the factory and make strict operational procedure so as to ensure product quality raw materials
  4. Hydraulic pump and hydraulic pressure station , ete . company in line with aim on reputation first , custo - mers come first , promise promise on quality reliable , deliver reliable , deliver in time , the price is rati - onal , serve outstandingly conscien - tiously , offer 100 % of the acceptable products to the customer
    公司本着“信誉第一,顾客至上”的宗旨,切实做到“质量可靠,交货及时、价格合理、服务优良”的承诺,向顾客提供100 %的合格产品。
  5. Since establishing in the company , insist on enterprise prestige that " the gold is promised " , with high - efficient service , the high quality products , flexible management style , ranked among the well - known enterprise ranks of zhejiang province , won the title of prestige unit that " the gold was promised " of zhejiang province in 1999 ; 2000 is listed in " network of technical supervision of zhejiang province " and recommend the products on the net ; be chosen as " stability acceptable product of national quality " of food trade by the food professional committee of association of china s quality inspection in 2002 ; be chosen as " fine unit of credit " by the private economic research association of zhejiang province in 2002 ; 2003 companies have already passed the international quality authentication of iso 9001 2000 editions
    自公司成立以来,坚持“金承诺”的企业信誉,以高效的服务优质的产品灵活的经营方式,跻身浙江省知名企业行列, 1999年荣获浙江省“金承诺”信誉单位称号2000年被列入“浙江省技术监督网”网上推荐产品2002年被中国质量检验协会食品专业委员会评为食品行业“国家质量稳定合格产品” 2002年被浙江省民营经济研究会评为“信用优良单位” 2003公司已通过iso9001 2000版国际质量认证。

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