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  • acceptable:    adj. 可接受的;合意的,(礼物等 ...
  • noise:    n. 1.声音,声响。 2.叫喊;嘈 ...
  • level:    n. 1.水平仪,水准仪;水准测量。 ...
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  1. The epd will , in practice , respond to complaints lodged by members of the public and compliance with the acceptable noise levels will be required only after a noise abatement notice has been served
  2. Does not comply with objective technical criteria in the form of acceptable noise levels as set out in the technical memorandum for the assessment of noise from places other than domestic premises , public places or construction sites
  3. The nature of the noise sources covered by these provisions in sections 4 and 5 of the ordinance is such that it is not possible to specify fixed acceptable noise levels or noise measurement procedures to be used in assessing the acceptability of the noise
  4. It should be noted that there is no requirement for industry in general to achieve the acceptable noise levels immediately , but to bring the noise level to or below the anl by the date specified on the noise abatement notice

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