accept them as they are meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "accept them as they are" in a sentence
  • 让他们保持自己的特色和个性
  • accept:    vt. 1.受,接受,收(礼等),领 ...
  • them:    pron. 1.〔they 的宾格, ...
  • they:    pron. 〔pl.〕〔人称代词、第 ...
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  1. Instead of getting irritated , accept them as they are
  2. Instead of getting irritated , accept them as they are
  3. Accept them as they are
  4. Love all the parts of yourself , and if you can ' t love them , change them . if you can ' t change them , then accept them as they are
  5. Boys say they feel good when : parents and friends give them positive recognition for things they ' re good at , appreciate it when they ' ve tried hard , recognize and accept them as they are , want to spend time with them and do fun things together , respect their privacy , and don ' t tattle

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