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[ ə'bʌndəns ] Pronunciation:   "abundance" in a sentence   "abundance" meaning
丰富,充裕,富裕 (opp. scarcity)。 a year of abundance 丰年。 abundance of 丰富,充裕,富足。 (A- of instances are cited. 引用了大量例子。 He has abundance of time to himself. 他时间充裕。) in abundance 丰富,充裕,(生活)优裕。
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  1. There is an abundance of commodity supplies on the markets .
  2. There was still an abundance of food when we arrived .
  3. He has abundance of time to himself .
  4. There was such an abundance of sympathy in clym's tone .
  5. He was a lovely person indeed, of abundance of good humour .

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