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  • 绝对酌情决定权
  • absolute:    adj. 1.绝对的 (opp. r ...
  • discretion:    n. 1.判断(力),辨别(力)。 ...
  • at discretion:    随意; 酌情决定;自行决定;全权决定
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  1. Invitation to members shall be at the absolute discretion of the club
  2. The bmj shall , however , be able to remove any article at its absolute discretion
    然而, bmj将能在它的绝对谨慎移开任何物品。
  3. Bequests also : to the p . p . for the time being in his absolute discretion
    一笔笔遗赠也滚滚而来,教皇能够暂且任意支配的圣厅献金85 。
  4. If the organizer in its sole and absolute discretion decides that such right shall be terminated
  5. The committee reserves the right to vary the draw and starting times at its absolute discretion

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