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  1. As having advantages such as littler inserting loss , better wavelength selection and absolute coding , fbg has bright prospects of applications in fiber communication and sensing
  2. Fbg - based strain sensor has many virtues such as unerodibility , absolute code of wavelength , ability for anti - jamming , simple structure and easy execution , etc . so it can replace the traditional mechanical and electrical strain sensor in civil engineering , and has prosperous outlook in the application
  3. Sensors using fbg as the sensing component have many advantages including light weight , small size , anti electromagnetism interference , convenience in fiber connecting , wavelength absolute coding etc . multiple point detection of materials ( temperature , strain etc . ) can also be achieved by connecting several sensors into a net using variety of multiplex techniques and embedding it into or sticking on the surface of the material or structure
    以光纤布拉格光栅( fbg )为传感元件的传感器具有重量轻、体积小、抗电磁干扰、易于光纤连接、波长绝对编码等优点,还能把多个传感器利用各种复用技术连接成传感网络,埋入材料和结构内部或贴装在其表面,实现对其特性(如温度、应变等)的多点监测。

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