about a boy meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "about a boy" in a sentence
  • 单亲插班生 关于一个男孩 非关男孩
  • about:    adv. 1.大约,差不多;前后,左 ...
  • boy:    n. 1.少年,童子,男孩;儿子。 ...
  • mad about the boy:    痴迷
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  1. How about a boys ' night out in the middle of the day
  2. You really iearn a iot about a boy when you ' re servicing the lord ,
  3. Is a heart - warming musical about a boy , a cat , and family life on a local public housing estate
  4. Beautiful boxer is a poignant action drama about a boy who fights like a man but has the soul of a woman
  5. In the tradition of " babe " meets " the jungle book " , this movie is about a boy raised by the wild animals of india

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