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  1. In the new era , it ' s imminent tusk for every descendant of yan & huang emperor to keep up our nationality and aboriginality of culture in the tide of global cultural integration and nationalization
    新时期,如何在全球文化“一体化” 、 “同质化”的浪潮中守住文化的民族性、本土性,这是每个炎黄子孙面临的迫切任务。
  2. Fitted transport and environment systems of waterfront will induce the tremendous activity of industry development , which can cause the competition among the entrepreneurs and function of planning and environment is hard to success . in addition to , with the ages that so many items same alike . greenery landscape design beyond the model of international and get rid of the culture characterization and natural conditions of aboriginality and severe confine the functions of environment protection . the paper preliminary study methods of design and planning of city waterfront according to the achievement both city planning and planting design , pointing out the according model in order to help the design of waterfront

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