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  • n.
    (pl. ABC's) 字母表;初步,入门;基础知识。 the ABC of finance 财政初步。 ABC book 初学书,入门书。 ABC method (由字母教起的)初级语文教授法。 as easy as ABC 极其容易。 the ABC (guide) 〔英国〕(按字母顺序编排的)铁路旅行指南。 ABC art (排斥任何形式的装饰、将线条和图形压缩至最低限度的)ABC艺术。

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  1. Let ∠ abc be an angle of ninety degrees .
  2. The tube abc shown is cantilevered with ab and bc in a horizontal plan .
  3. The report, we fear, may have the effect of causing some people to think twice about securing abc software .
  4. I had to go over the whole proposal twice, and word it as plainly as abc before she would fully take it in .
  5. That ' s abc , right ? - i ain ' t telling you nothing
    那是留美华侨对吧? -我不告诉你

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