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  • abc分析法
  • 案例分析
  • 分类管理法
  • 分类控制法
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  1. Briefly explain why you would use an abc analysis when considering the layout of a warehouse
  2. D . use of “ abc analysis ” to categorize production and mro inventory for purposes of management
    为了管理的目的,运用“ abc分析” ,将生产和维护、修理及运行的库存进行分类。
  3. Researched the services of the inventory by technical curves , the analysis of inventory calamity in order to predict the abnormity of inventory and the abc analysis of inventory product so that the administrator of inventory can put emphasis upon the 20 % products
    本文的主要研究工作如下: 1以技术曲线研究分析库存服务情况,并进行库存灾变分析,以发现库存异常和库存abc分析,以使仓库管理员集中精力放在重点产品上。
  4. A aided tool for enterprise reference models based on internet abbreviated to atermi which sustains enterprise reference modeling , management and abc analysis . the whole frame , the feature and the key technique of atermi are also discussed
    最后给出笔者开发的用于支持广义企业参考模型体系框架的,包含企业参考模型建模、管理和abc分析应用的基于internet参考模型辅助工具? ? atermi ,论述该软件工具的总体体系结构、特色和关键技术。
  5. Based on the theory and the accounting method of abc analysis , the possibility of applying enterprise reference models to abc analysis is construed . the abc analysis model based on enterprise process models is present . according to the analysis model , the abc analysis model of atermi system is developed and this chapter has show the function of this software system

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