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  1. The design and application of water environment sample retrieval system based on aaf framework
  2. Aaf freight ltd
  3. Aaf army air forces
  4. Through the detailed analysis of the aaf , the defection of using chirp - fourier transform in guidance radar signal processing is pointed out
    通过对加速度模糊函数的形态分析也指明了针对线性调频信号的二次相位匹配处理( chirp - fourier变换)在应用到制导雷达信号处理中所存在的缺陷。
  5. In this paper , the concept of acceleration ambiguity function ( aaf ) and acceleration resolution is put forward for the first time . using aaf , the effects of target ' s relative acceleration on several outputs of a linear - phase matched filter are analyzed , such as the output signal - noise - ratio loss , the doppler resolution , the constraint on optimal accumulative time ( opt ) and their tolerable limits

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