a written contract meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a written contract" in a sentence
  • 书面合同
  • written:    adj. 写成的,书面的;笔记的,成 ...
  • contract:    vt.,vi. 1.收缩,紧缩;(使 ...
  • written contract:    成文合同; 书面合同; 书面契约; ...
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  1. Herewith we are sending you a written contract under seal in two copies .
  2. If he agrees, make him sign a written contract at once that spells out the terms .
  3. Obtain a written contract / agreement for the site
  4. I can ' t believe you didn ' t have a written contract
  5. Shall the employer make a written contract of employment with the domestic helper

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