a unique way meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a unique way" in a sentence
  • 独特方法
  • unique:    adj. 1.唯一的;无双的;无比的 ...
  • way:    adv. 1.= away. 2.〔 ...
  • a position unique:    独一无二的地位
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  1. I am a seasoned and honorable english teacher with a unique way to train both fellow teachers and office personnel .
  2. Crazy english is a unique way to learn english
    (疯狂英语是学习英语的一种独特的方法。 )
  3. Database engine tuning advisor supports this scenario in a unique way
  4. We will promote your products and service on your site in a unique way
  5. Each person has a unique way of seeing , hearing , touching , tasting and thinking

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