a strong currency meaning in Chinese

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  • 强通货
  • strong:    adj. 1.强壮的,有力的,有膂力 ...
  • currency:    n. 1.通货。 2.通用,流通,流 ...
  • strong currency:    (强通货)强币; 强货币; 强势货币 ...
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  1. I was just playing the weak dollar against a strong currency .
  2. Us dollar is a strong currency in the world
  3. A strong currency can be a curse for exporters , however
  4. The dollar tumbled against the yen in heavy volumes as traders , scrambling to unwind their positions , judged the japanese government would now tolerate a stronger currency
  5. A costly currency adds to the price of exports . that can hurt economic growth . trade deficits can also grow because a strong currency lowers the cost of imports

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