a sheet of paper meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a sheet of paper" in a sentence
  • 一页纸
  • 一张纸
  • sheet:    n. 【航海】 1.缭绳;帆脚索。 ...
  • paper:    n. 1.纸;裱墙纸。 2.报纸,报 ...
  • paper sheet:    纸页; 纸张


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  1. She pulled out a sheet of paper from inside her jacket .
  2. The fringes can be viewed by intersecting the interference pattern with a sheet of paper at a convenient location .
  3. A unicoursal curve is formed by starting at any point on a sheet of paper and drawing a smooth line that may intersect itself .
  4. She wrote her name and address on a sheet of paper
  5. Taking a sheet of paper , he began to compose a letter

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