a race against time meaning in Chinese

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  • 和时间赛跑, 抢时间
  • 一场于时间的赛跑
  • 与时间赛跑
  • race:    n. (生姜等的)根。
  • against:     Are you for ...
  • time:    n. 1.时,时间,时日,岁月。 2 ...
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  1. It was a race against time to stop people dying from starvation .
  2. I am in a race against time
  3. A race against time
  4. Michael owen is fighting a race against time to be in the newcastle united opener with bolton wanderers at the reebok stadium a week on saturday
  5. To reverse the tide of urban decay is a race against time . time is running out . the urban renewal authority ( ura ) adopts a holistic strategy known as the 4rs to tackle the urban deterioration

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