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  • r:     r = 1.refrig ...
  • r:     R=80000。 the ...
  • r a:    抽油杆和油管
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  1. Document certified by a r . o . c . representative abroad
  2. A r is the geomorphologic amendment value , and unit is mm
    R为地貌订正值,单位为mm 。
  3. So i ' ll canvass the a - and - r guys , give them my demo
    所以我去游说a r乐队把我的试音带送给他们
  4. Section 7 . 2 contains a r sum of the fundamental equations
    第7 2节包括那些基本方程的摘要。
  5. We ' ve got to hit up the a - and - r guys
    我们已经开始请求a r乐队

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