a point of honor meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a point of honor" in a sentence
  • 意为“涉及名誉的事情”
  • point:    n. 1.尖头,尖端;尖头器具;〔美 ...
  • honor:    n. 1.荣誉,光荣;名誉,面子,体 ...
  • point of honor:    有关个人名誉之事
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  1. I always pay my debts punctually ; it is a point of honor with me .
  2. It was a point of honor with the indian warrior to redeem his word, when pledged to return and meet at his death at a given hour .
  3. It was a point of honor with him to pay his bills at once
  4. It was a point of honor with him to avenge any insult to his family
  5. A prearranged , formal combat between two persons , usually fought to settle a point of honor

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