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  1. Motion is a olute while stagnation is relative
  2. Development is the a olute principle
  3. ( including , without limitation , indebtedne owing by seller to third parties who have granted buyer a security interest in the accounts , chattel paper and general intangibles of said third party ; and further including , without limitation , any and all attorneys fees , expe es , costs , premiums , charges and interest owed by seller to buyer , whether under the agreements , or otherwise ) whether due or not due , a olute or contingent , liquidated or unliquidated , determined or undetermined , whether seller may be liable individually or jointly with others , whether recovery upon such indebtedne may be or hereafter becomes barred by any statute of limitatio or whether such indebtedne may be or hereafter becomes otherwise unenforceable , and includes sellers prompt , full and faithful performance , o ervance and discharge of each and every term , condition , agreement , representation , warranty undertaking and provision to be performed by seller under these agreements
    这里的术语“负债” “债务” (以下一并简称为债务)应按照各自最广泛的含义被使用,债务包括卖方先前、现在和今后,基于自愿或非自愿发生的所有预付款、负债、债务和责任,不论债务如何产生, (包括但不限于,卖方对已用自己的帐户、动产文书或一般无体物向买方提供担保利益的第三方之负债,并进而包括但不限于,卖方在协议等项下欠付买方的全部律师费、支出、费用、保险费、运费和利息) ,不论债务是否已经到期、是否必然发生、是否已清算、是否已决,不论卖方是单独或与他人连带承担责任,不论债务的追偿是否已经或将会受到时效法的阻碍,也不论债务是否已经或将要无法强制执行,卖方应当即时、充分和善意的履行、遵守和完成全部条款、条件、协议、陈述、担保义务和这些协议项下卖方应当履行的条款。

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