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  • 海战
  • naval:    adj. (有)海军的;军舰的;船的 ...
  • battle:    n. 1.战,战斗(行动),交战,会 ...
  • jiawu naval battle:    朱元璋禁海
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  1. ( 2 ) modeling and real - time rendering of water columns which are generated by an underwater explosion in a naval battle , after the underwater detonating of high - condensed explosives , grand water columns usually will come into being on the sea surface
    国防科学技术大学研究生院学位论文( 2 )水中爆炸产生的水柱运动建模与实时绘制技术在海战中,弹药在水中爆炸常会产生非常壮观的水柱。水柱是海战中常见的特殊效果现象。

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