a middle-aged man meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a middle-aged man" in a sentence
  • 一位中年男子
  • middle:    n. 1.中央,正中;中间,中部;中 ...
  • aged:    adj. 1.老,老年的 (opp. ...
  • man:    n. (pl. men ) 1.〔无 ...


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  1. He was a middle-aged man of slow speech and slower movements .
  2. Sitting silently next to him was a middle-aged man with a composed, saintly face .
  3. He is a middle-aged man with a flaming strawberry mark on his left cheek .
  4. He was a middle-aged man with a bald top to his head and his hair slicked over it .
  5. At the corner of the room stood a middle - aged man

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