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Pronunciation:   "a michael spence" in a sentence
  • 迈克尔斯彭斯
  • michael:    n. 1.迈克尔〔男子名〕。 2.米 ...
  • spence:    n. 〔主 Scot.〕 1.食品贮 ...
  • michael spence:    迈克尔斯彭斯; 斯宾思
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  1. Professor a michael spence is a professor emeritus at stanford university in the usa and a pioneer in the field of signaling in economics . his model has applications in many fields , in particular corporate governance
  2. Shkp has always been committed to community service and education , especially in nurturing and enhancing young talent . it has set up numerous education programmes and scholarships . professor a michael spence is a professor emeritus of stanford university in the usa
  3. This will be the first year in the series , with two nobel laureates in economic sciences , professor a michael spence , nobel laureate in 2001 , and professor sir james a mirrlees , nobel laureate in 1996 , each delivering lectures in the sun hung kai properties nobel laureates lectures
    今年为第一年举办,将会邀请两位诺贝尔经济学奖得奖人主持讲座,分别为二零零一年诺贝尔奖得奖人斯彭思教授( professormichaelspence )及一九九六年诺贝尔奖得奖人莫理斯爵士( professorsirjamesa

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