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  1. Our protection system of inheritance obligation should be improved in entity and procedure in all sides . in entity , basic principles should be confirmed that inheritance obligation must be protected by law ; the recognition of inheritance must be based on lawful status , assisted by a proviso ; the denoted properties from the decedent to the heir due to marriage , business , a mensa et thoro and so on after the decedent ' s death should be regarded as inheritance . inheritance obligation should only be that caused by the decedent ' s behavior , based on public law and private law
    我国的遗产债权保护机制应从实体和程序两个方面全方位的予以改造? ?在实体法方面:首先确立“遗产债权受法律保护的基本原则” ,遗产的界定应以法律地位说为基础,另辅以但书,被继承人生前对继承人因结婚、营业、分居等事项所受之赠与应视为遗产,遗产债务只能是被继承人生前行为所引起的公法和私法意义上的债务,不包括继承费用,继承费用虽由遗产支付,但只属遗产的负担。

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