a loaf of bread meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a loaf of bread" in a sentence
  • 一个面包
  • 一条面包
  • 一只面包
  • loaf:    vi.,vt. 混日子;游荡。 lo ...
  • bread:    n. 1.面包。 2.食物,粮食;〔 ...
  • loaf of bread:    长面包; 面包片
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  1. Mary : a piece of cheese . a loaf of bread . a bar of soap .
  2. He methodically and placidly devoured a loaf of bread .
  3. Tapping telephone wires, it seemed, was as easy as buying a loaf of bread .
  4. Father martin did not speak again while he methodically and placidly devoured a loaf of bread .
  5. It ' s just like a hungry person sees a loaf of bread

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