a load off my mind meaning in Chinese

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  • 心头大石落地
  • load:    n. 1.装载,担子;负担;工作(负 ...
  • off:    adv. 1.〔运动〕向那边,隔开。 ...
  • my:    pron. 1.〔I 的所有格〕我的 ...
  • mind:    n. 1.心,精神 (opp. bo ...
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  1. The good news has taken a load off my mind ...
  2. If this is really true , it 'll take a load off my mind .
  3. It ' s really , it ' s really a load off my mind
  4. Julie : that ' s fantastic ! that ' s a load off my mind
  5. Jessica : wow , that ' s a load off my mind . thanks doctor

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