a growth meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a growth" in a sentence
  • 成长
  • 一片草木
  • growth:    n. 1.生长,成长,发育,发展。 ...
  • no growth:    没有增长;不增长;非增长;不生长
  • no-growth:    adj. (城市范围、人口政策等)实 ...
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  1. Ethylene is a growth hormone in plants .
  2. These investigators showed that betaine caused a growth response .
  3. Weapons are indisputably a growth industry of the 70s and 80s .
  4. Weapons are indisputably a growth industry of the "70s" and "80s. "
  5. The center is accused of imposing on peripheral economies a growth pattern incompatible with local needs .

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