a grade meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a grade" in a sentence
  • 边个劲d
  • 出口宣誓书
  • 甲级(货品)
  • 甲级(指货品)
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  • grade:    n. 1.等级,级别;阶段;程度,标 ...
  • at grade:    处于均衡状态; 同一平面;地面; 在 ...
  • at-grade:    平面的
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  1. Living across the street from a grade school . jesus
  2. A grade depending on the results of the final exam
  3. What a grade advisor can do for the freshmen in college
  4. Inspection report of incombustible a grade gb 8624
    不燃性a级gb 8624检验报告
  5. Examination for registration as a grade c electrical worker

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