a fellow student meaning in Chinese

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  • 学长
  • fellow:    n. 1.同伴,伴侣;帮手;同事,同 ...
  • student:    n. 1.(大)学生〔美国也指中学生 ...
  • fellow student:    同学
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  1. His eye was caught by the balloon puppies and kittens that a fellow student was making for some children
  2. University high school students console each other after finding out that a fellow student had died after being stabbed at the school thursday
  3. The study that student cadre should learn to be a classmate and life create a favorable environment , make a fellow student the nurturance of good convention
  4. A student falls in love with a fellow student who defends him in university court . he proves his love to her by playing rugby with her ex - boyfriend
  5. The case involved a university student who was video - taped by a fellow student without her knowledge and consent in a hostel room in the university

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