a familiar voice meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a familiar voice" in a sentence
  • 熟悉的声音
  • familiar:    adj. 1.亲密的,交情好的。 2 ...
  • voice:    n. 1.语声;嗓音;鸣声;〔比喻〕 ...
  • be familiar to:    被某人熟悉; 对…熟悉; 为…所熟悉
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  1. Been back long ? a familiar voice called to him
  2. Alpatitch ! the old man suddenly heard a familiar voice calling to him
  3. Take a phone card so you can phone home for the sound of a familiar voice
  4. Answered a familiar voice ; but i know edgar is in bed , and i cannot stop myself
    一个熟悉的声音回答, “可我知道埃德加还没起来,我又管不住自己。 ”
  5. In the 1970s duster was a familiar voice in national institutes of health committees reviewing grants for research on mental health and drug abuse

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