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  • 资产
  • ets:    穿过头盖骨的电刺激; 电工电子网络多 ...
  • it a ets:    信息技术资产
  • a ets accretion:    资产增值
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  1. Intangible a ets include goodwill , patents , trademarks , copyrights , and franchise
  2. Fifth , financial burden is heavy , and the proportion of non - performing a ets or non - performing loa is quite high
  3. Debts which must be satisfied from current a ets within the next operating period , usually one year
  4. A ets are the economic resources that are owned or controlled by a busine and can be expre ed in monetary units
  5. Also , the amount of cash and easily liquidated a ets that a broker / dealer or bank needs to meet sec regulatio

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