a cold shiver ran down her spine meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a cold shiver ran down her spine" in a sentence
  • 她打了一个寒颤
  • cold:    adj. 1.冷,寒,冻;冰凉的。 ...
  • shiver:    n. 〔常 pl.〕碎块;破片;碎片 ...
  • ran:    run 的过去式。
  • down:     down3 n. 1.( ...
  • her:    pron. 1.〔she 的宾格〕她 ...
  • spine:    n. 1.【解剖学】脊骨,脊柱。 2 ...


  1. A cold shiver ran down her spine .

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