a can of meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a can of" in a sentence
  • 一罐(铝箔)
  • 一听,一罐
  • can:    n. 1.〔美国〕罐头,听头(=〔英 ...
  • can:     I can swim. ...
  • can but:    只能
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  1. I stuck it in a can of oil .
  2. I went into a store and bought a can of pork and beans and a can opener .
  3. Why would a man take a can of photographic negatives on a fishing trip ?
  4. I went into the dark store, took a can of milk from the shelf, punched it open, and squirted it into a cup .
  5. So we can put you on a can of underwood ham

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