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  • 可挑剔的骨头(争端,不满)
  • 暂时的工作, 临时的职务
  • bone:    n. 1.骨(头);骨状物〔象牙等〕 ...
  • pick:    vt. 【纺织;印染】投(梭)。 n ...
  • bone to pick:    争执的原因或事情
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  1. Wait a minute, i have a bone to pick with you .
  2. Here! i have a bone to pick with you about the way you spoke to me yesterday .
  3. I have got a bone to pick with you . where is the money i lent you last week ?
  4. I have got a bone to pick with you, mr. patel! over your last cottonseed oil shipment to liverpool .
  5. I have a bone to pick you with you , young lady

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