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  • a台
  • board:    n. 1.板〔通常指宽4英寸半以上厚 ...
  • as on board:    按船上实存量
  • board in:    在寄宿处吃饭
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  1. A board squeaked under wilson's feet and harris turned warningly .
  2. Soames had hung out a board marked "trespassers will be prosecuted", and he barely acknowledged the young fellow's salute .
  3. Not surprisingly, at a board meeting called to consider sam hawthorne's proposal for a british research institute, clinton etheridge led off for the opposition .
  4. But you ve never been to a boarding - school
    “不过你从来没有进过寄宿学校吧? ”
  5. A board placed on his lap served for a desk

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