a bird calling meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a bird calling" in a sentence
  • 鸟儿呼唤
  • bird:    n. 伯德〔姓氏〕。
  • calling:    n. 1.呼,唤,叫喊;点名。 2. ...
  • the calling:    呼唤; 呼叫乐团; 凶心幽灵
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  1. From the trees a few yards away a bird called once, and insects creaked .
  2. There was not a sound save that from time to time a bird called
  3. Now , far away in the woods a bird called ; another answered ; presently the hammering of a woodpecker was heard
  4. As a little fat man of bombay was smoking one very hot day , a bird called a snipe flew away with his pipe , which vexed the fat man of bombay

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