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  • 银行业危机
  • banking:    n. 银行业;银行学;金融。
  • crisis:    n. 1.危急关头,紧要关头;(政治 ...
  • banking crisis:    金融风波
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  1. But now it looks like becoming a banking crisis as well
  2. Second , a balance - of - payments crisis can develop parallel to a banking crisis
  3. It provides an explicit safety net , particularly for those depositors not well equipped to protect themselves , in the event of a banking crisis
  4. As a result , the risk of a banking crisis , again of the type that we are familiar with , occurring in the mainland of china is probably very low by our standards
  5. A vulnerable banking system limits the authorities ' s ability to defend the fixed exchange rate regime . a balance - of - payments crisis can speed the outbreak of a banking crisis

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