a bag of meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a bag of" in a sentence
  • 一袋
  • bag:    n. 1.袋,囊;枕套。 2.钱包; ...
  • be in the bag:    已到手的
  • in the bag:    (口)稳操胜券; 十拿九稳,成功在望 ...
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  1. When he got out of the prison, he was nothing but a bag of bones .
  2. Norma gets out of her car, hauling a bag of groceries with her .
  3. The cat had not been fed for weeks and was just a bag of bones .
  4. My mind was drifting toward my daily lunch of a hamburger and a bag of peanuts .
  5. She was liberally doused with a flowery perfume which mingled with the buttery, cowlike aroma from a bag of popcorn they had been eating .

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