a bag of candies meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a bag of candies" in a sentence
  • 一袋糖
  • bag:    n. 1.袋,囊;枕套。 2.钱包; ...
  • candy:    n. 1.冰糖;水果糖,〔美国〕蜜饯 ...
  • candies:    果饵; 奶糖; 糖果
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  1. He bet me a bag of candy that bill would not come
  2. Angie : can we now just open a bag of candy
  3. - can i have a bag of candy ? - sure
    -我能拿一袋糖吗? -当然了
  4. Can i have a bag of candy ? - sure
    我能拿一袋糖吗? -当然了
  5. Furthermore , each person was given a gift package containing a beautiful , brand new sweater , along with a bag of candies

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