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  • 坏蛋
  • 坏人、坏东西
  • 缺乏道德的人
  • bad:    bad2 〔古语〕 bid 的过去式 ...
  • egg:    vt. 1.鼓动,煽动,怂恿 (on ...
  • bad egg:    臭蛋; 坏蛋,歹徒; 劣蛋; 一个坏 ...
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  1. He's been in prison several times for all sorts of crimes; he's a bad egg .
  2. Eaten a bad egg . poached eyes on ghost
  3. At first i trusted him , but soon i found he ' s a bad egg
  4. Everyone knows that he is a bad egg
  5. That sales person is a bad egg . don ' t believe anything he says

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