a bad dream meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "a bad dream" in a sentence
  • 恶梦
  • 糟糕的梦
  • bad:    bad2 〔古语〕 bid 的过去式 ...
  • dream:    n. 1.梦。 2.幻想,梦想;空想 ...
  • bad dream:    乐乐与坏梦想; 三段式


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  1. You can not be leaving me -- this is a bad dream !
  2. It ' s all right . i think you just had a bad dream
  3. It ' s ok , it ' s a bad dream - and they were singing
  4. Butyou ' re sure it ' s not just a bad dream ? it happened
  5. And this will all seem just like a bad dream

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