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  • 组装(厂)
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  1. Party a agrees to buy from party b and party b agrees to sell to party a assembly lines for color tv sets , whose specifications , technical requirements , price and delivery schedule shall be specified in an additional contract to be made between both parties , which shall serve as an integral part of this contract
  2. The basic thought is to divide the cities which are close to each other into a group ( physical area ) by applying sorting neural network , find out the optimal path by the improved hnn , and then calculate the local optimal path by using the same method , and finally get the whole optimal path , which are described as following : a assembly s of cities is grouped into some subsets according to their physical location and we can get , and then get the optimal , path of tsp of s = { s , i = 1 , 2 , n } through the given method , as well as the st
    基本思想是利用聚类神经网络先把地理位置上相互靠近的城市划分为一个集体单位(一个物理区域) ,用改进的hopfield神经网络算法求解各个区域间的最优(或近似最优)路径,然后再在每一个区域内部用同样的方法来求解其局部的最优(或近似最优)路径,这样可以最终得到全局的最优(或近似最优)解。描述如下:设有城市集合s ,按城市的地理位置把s划分为若干子摘要2集,得s ijs , ,其中厂s ; d , i一口求得集合i叫s s ; i习, 2 , … n的tsp最优路径,再依次求得子集s ;内部的tsp最优路径,即得最终优化路径m一) s一) …一宁s ; di

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