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  • d:     CD = 400. DC ...
  • 'd:     〔口语〕 1.= had ...
  • a d:    disk]重折光盘; 放弃的; 是一 ...
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  1. Hk 50 , 000 for series a and d ; us 5 , 000 for series b and c
  2. The variables a and d become bound when receiving the message
    变量a和d构成消息传递的边界(即被绑定在一起) 。
  3. Rich in protein , phosphorus , potassium , riboflavin and vitamin a and d
    含丰富蛋白质、磷、钾、核黄素及维他命a和d 。
  4. Keyboard key or around a and d keys to control movement and to press on the key or keys floating w , the space bar attack , x - key nirvana commands
    键盘左右键或a d键控制移动,按住上键或w键漂浮,空格键攻击, x键必杀技。
  5. Although o / a and d / a accord with the interests needs of the buyer , the seller ' s right of receiving cash can not be ensured
    在赊销和承兑交单下,买方无须付款即可收到货物或获得权利凭证(如提单) ,然而卖方收取货款的权益无法得到保障。

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