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  • a类放大器
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  1. And the ways to optimize the circuit architecture , minimize the circuit nonidealities and improve the circuit performance are analyzed combined with the characteristics of the modulator architecture . based on it , the switched - capacitor integrator , class a amplifier , nonoverlap clock , voltage reference , comparator , feedback dac have been designed . in the end , the layout design is shown
    调制器采用全差分开关电容电路实现,并根据系统结构特点就如何优化电路结构、克服电路中存在的非理想特性、提高电路性能作了具体分析,在此基础上完成了开关电容积分器(开关、电容、运算放大器) 、参考电压源、比较器、两相非交叠时钟、反馈dac等模块的电路结构和参数设计。

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