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  • 航空的
  • aero:    adj. 1. 飞机的;航空的,飞行 ...
  • aero-:    前缀 表示“空气”,“空中”;“航空 ...
  • aero accelerator:    加速曝气池
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  1. In this paper , a aero - engine performance tracking filter is designed by kalman filter algorithm . the filter estimate the ecdp ( engine component deviation parameters ) which reflect the deterioration of engine and the variation between engines . the estimate parameters are used to tune the embedded model to make the model consistent with the engine which respect
    本文利用卡尔曼滤波原理设计了发动机性能跟踪滤波器,对反映发动机性能退化和不同发动机之间性能差异的部件性能偏离参数( ecdp , enginecomponentdeviationparameters )进行估计,用估计值修正机载模型,通过修正后的模型计算发动机性能参数的变化。

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