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  1. The reference to temples in literature go back early with panini ( 520 bc - 460 bc ) and patanjali mentioning temples which were called prasadas
    提及到庙宇的文献可以回溯到早期的帕尼尼(公元前520 ? ?公元前460年) ,还有,帕坦伽利提到庙宇的时候,把它称为帕萨达斯。
  2. The reverse side of the medal is composed of three elements : the eternal flame that was lit in olympia and travelled through the five continents by way of the 2004 torch relay ; the opening lines of pindar ' s eighth olympic ode composed in 460 bc to honour the victory of alkimedon of aegina in wrestling and the athens 2004 olympic games emblem
    奖牌背面图案共有3个成分:在奥林匹亚点燃并在2004年火炬传递中穿越五大洲、熊熊燃烧着的圣火;古希腊诗人品达公元前460年创作的奥林匹亚颂的头几行诗; 2004年雅典奥运会会徽。

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