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[ bì; pí ] Pronunciation:   "髀" Chinese meaning   "髀" in a sentence
  • 名词
    1.(大腿) thigh
    2.(大腿骨) thighbone


  1. Chop the chicken in chunks , marinate it for an hour
  2. To assist in engineering , mathematics , and statistics education
  3. Put back the chicken and saut it , until the chicken has the sauce soaked . dish up and serve
  4. An injury such as a broken femur will take a very long time to heal , and during that time the elderly person may suffer from other complications , which may slow down recovery or may cause permanent disability , or even death
  5. If the femur is broken , most of the recovery period will have to be spent in bed . long periods in bed will affect circulation , as well as causing the skin to rub against the bed sheets , and bedsores often develop . in severe cases bedsore may become infected , and not only will affect recovery time , but when the bacteria enters the blood stream , this can be fatal

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