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[ bà; pò ] Pronunciation:   "霸" Chinese meaning   "霸" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ名词
    1.(古代诸侯联盟的首领) chief of feudal princes; overlord Phrases
    2.(强横无理、仗势欺人者) bully; despot; tyrant Phrases
    3.(指实行霸权主义的国家) hegemonist power; hegemonism; hegemony Phrases
    4.(姓氏) a surname Phrases


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  1. I say it's a good sign when the bastards have to throw their weight about .
  2. He is a leviathan, or rather a kind of seagod, whom the poor tars worship as the indians do the devil .
  3. Optimus : i warned you , decepticons . blaze blaster
  4. Her tits were unbelievable . oh , man , i love titties
  5. Let me introduce , she is the queen of gambling

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