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Pronunciation:   "计" Chinese meaning   "计" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ动词
    1.(计算) count; compute; calculate; number Phrases
    2.(设想; 打算) plan; plot Phrases
    1.(测量或计算度数、时间等的仪器) meter; gauge Phrases
    2.(主意; 策略; 计划) idea; ruse; stratagem; plan Phrases
  • s计:    s-meter
  • 36计:    thirty-six strateg ...
  • ph计:    acidimeter; acidim ...


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  1. When one is very poor , his ambition is not far-reaching .
  2. The well can be thought of as a dilatometer .
  3. The speedometer was touching 120 mph .
  4. He had a mind and a heart too .
  5. Every week the time sheets were scrutinised .

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