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[ cài ] Pronunciation:   "菜" Chinese meaning   "菜" in a sentence
  • 名词
    1.(能做副食品的植物; 蔬菜) vegetable; greens Phrases
    2.(泛指副食) (non-staple) food Phrases
    3.(经过烹调的蔬菜、蛋品、肉类等副食品) dish; item or course in menu (whether of meat or vegetable) Phrases
    4.(专指油菜) Phrases


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  1. One dish in particular pleased the guests .
  2. There is too much flavouring in the dish .
  3. As a cook, she was in a class by herself .
  4. The greens are full of fibres that you can 't chew .
  5. Excellent ! what a delicious dish !

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