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[ chá ] Pronunciation:   "茶" Chinese meaning   "茶" in a sentence
  • 名词
    1.(常绿灌木, 嫩叶加工后就是茶叶) tea plant
    2.(用茶叶做成的饮料) tea Phrases
    3.(某些饮料的名称) certain kinds of drink or liquid food Phrases
    4.(指油茶树) tea-oil tree
    5.(姓氏) a surname Phrases


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  1. "i prefer weak tea," cried daisy .
  2. Zhejiang is known as the land of tea of our country .
  3. Toss me the tea bottle, will you, tom ?
  4. We usually have tea at half-past four .
  5. Let the tea stand a while to draw flavour .

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